What We Do

In a nutshell, we help you accelerate your digital aspirations.

We do this in three ways. We help clients design, setup and improve the kind of digital function and teams they need to win in the marketplace. We call this Guide, Build and Teach.

Product Development

In order to get ahead of the crowd in today’s digital economy, companies everywhere need to build the right kind of end-to-end functions and teams across traditional IT, ecommerce and marketing functions to build cutting edge digital products.

For many this is a daunting process and hard to know where to start. For others, early attempts and reliance on third parties may be making delivery slow, costly and lacking innovation.

Our specialist team of consultants help companies to design, build and optimise the target operating model, ways of working, teams and skills, hiring and transition management.


For organisations to deliver remarkable digital products which will delight their customers, they need a core set of their own people in small product development teams who are flexible and able to deliver at the drop of a hat.

Outbreak Digital acts as the flexible partner to product development teams. We fill the skills and capacity gaps in client teams by providing our own people into roles such as developers, engineers, product analysts, product owners, product managers, designers and product development leads.

This approach offers clients instant scale and skills, on a flexible basis, all working in one way to deliver great products – quickly!

Training & Coaching

The digital economy is driven by people and tech skills.

For companies to stay ahead, they need their people to be skilled, working effectively together and taking advantage of new tech and innovations before they hit mainstream.

We offer a blend of market-leading classroom and online training, bootcamps, and communities, cutting across all learning in digital, development, delivery and professional skills.

In short –  we want to build a culture of life-long learning in digital for clients and our people.